My Book Review

Hello today I will be doing a book review for the One And Only Ivan.  It is about a gorilla named Ivan who is very easygoing.  He lives in the Big Top Mall With his friends Stella And Bob.  Ivan will meet a new friend Ruby because of a sad event. Ivan likes painting and watching his T.V. in his cage.  I hope you decide to read this book.


Do you like games where you evolve and customize your character?!  Well then, Spore’s your game.  In Spore, you start of as a cell and grow.  There are 5 stages.  Stage 1 is cell stage, 2 is where you get legs and go on land, 3 is tribal, 4 is industrial, and 5 is SPACE.  Spore is a really fun game.

Christmas Around the World

logoIn this text I will be talking about Christmas in Japan and Australia. I will start with Japan. Christmas in Japan has only been widely celebrated for the last few decades. Weird right? And the 24th is more celebrated than the 25th! WHAT?!?! In Australia, Christmas is hot. Which is kinda weird because I’m in the USA. There, it’s so hot, that there are lots of brush fires. Bye!

Thanksgiving Facts for Kids

imgres-1Fun facts:Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the national bird. The first Thanksgiving there was not even a turkey and the no forks. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 in autumn. After 200 years, Thanksgiving was finally a holiday because the women who wrote “Mary had a little lamb” convinced  President Lincoln to make it a holiday. And now you have picked my brain about Thanksgiving. Until next time…BU BYE!

Matter does Matter?!?!

Matter is EVERYTHING.Matter has 3 different states called Solids,Liquids,And gases.People say that there is a 4th state of matter that is called Plasma.eso1122a-720x427  Plasmaimgres        Solidimages-1  Gasimgres-1        LiquidimgresThis is a photo of MATTER. Solids are atoms that are packed tightly together and can’t change shape. Liquids can change shape but never separate. Gases are atoms that are not close but are kinda close. Plasma is  MATTER!

All About Mason.


Hello world my name is Mason. I am a Fourth Grader. I am 9 years old. I love animals. I have cats. There names are Mister, Taylor, and Coconut. I have a sister, a mom, and dad. I live in Michigan. These are some things I thought you might want to know about me. Bye.